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Cartridge is a stitch pattern cartridge to be used with all models of Brother PPD's and Brother knitting machines supporting stitch pattern cartridges with additional functionality.


Cartridge CIK Cart35 CIK Cartridge including Interaktive Knitting
Cartridge C Cart35 C Cartridge without Interaktive Knitting
Cartridge IK
Upgrade kit to convert a C into a CIK
The PPD software in Cartridge is Stitch Pattern Cartridge III PAL English
The PPD software in Cart35 is Design System Cartridge PAL English

Supported PPDs

Knitting Machines

Knitting Machines using PPD

Cartridge Utility Cartridge Utility help file Cartridge Utility Documentation

32 bit Operating Systems
Windows 98Windows MEWindows 2000Windows XPWindows 2003Windows VistaWindows 2008Windows 7Windows 8 & 8.1Windows 10
64 bit Operating Systems
Windows XP x64Windows 2003 x64Windows Vista x64Windows 2008 x64Windows 7 x64Windows 2008 R2 x64Windows 8 & 8.1 x64Windows 2012 x64Windows 10 x64

Extra functionality compared with Brother stitch pattern cartridge
1. USB connectivity
  • To transfer a pattern collection from Cartridge to your computer
  • To transfer a pattern collection from your computer to Cartridge
  • For interactive knitting in DesignaKnit (IK option required)
2. PPD software in Cartridge is replaceable
  • Stitch Pattern Cartridge
  • Stitch Pattern Cartridge II
  • Stitch Pattern Cartridge III
  • Multi Colour Cartridge
  • Lace Cartridge
  • Stitch Pattern Cartridge Extra's
  • Design System Cartridge
What functionality does Cartridge provide on top of the Brother Stitch Pattern Cartridge?
  • Store pattern collection on your computer; you won't have lack of space anymore on your cartridge.
  • Load a pattern collection from your computer to Cartridge.
  • A serial port is no longer required for Interactive Knitting (IK option required)
What functionality does Cartridge provide on top of a DesignaKnit Brotherlink 4?
  • Cartridge retains patterns if you turn your computer off (battery backup)
  • Interactive Knitting via USB, no serial port required
  • Support for KH-900
  • Support for CK35
  • Store (modified) patterns in Cartridge and upload the pattern collection to your PC
Extra applications
  • PPD+FB100 users can make backups of floppy discs on the PC using the free software that comes with Cartridge.

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